Christ Church Donates Vestments to Anglican church in Nigeria

As part of our continued relationship with All Saints’ Church in of the Diocese of Awka in the Anglican Church of Nigeria, Fr. Burgess has put together a small shipment of vestments for delivery in mid January 2018.  You’ll remember that our own Professor Raphael and Gladys Oranu travel back to Awka annually.  It is our pleasure to send items of vesture with them that are no longer used and are simply being stored within the undercroft or attics of Christ Church Woodbury.  Some of these items have come to us by way of churches within our Diocese being closed. 

One such item that we send in pristine condition is a red piped cassock with mozetta (shoulder cape) and band cincture.  This was a gift from the family of the late Fr. R. Bruce Ryan, SSC  of St. Luke’s in Fort Myers, FL that was given to Fr. Burgess for his personal use.  Not having need of a red-piped cassock, Fr. Burgess sends it along to Father Clement Mgnbemena who serves as Archdeacon of his diocese.  Archdeacons represent the Church most elegantly in red-piped black cassocks.

In addition to the gift of vesture, we will circulate a card of thanksgiving during our Annual Parish Meeting (January 14th) in recognition of the relationship that we share as fellow heirs of Christ’s eternal kingdom with the communicants of All Saints’ Church Awka.  The card will include pictures of our parish life here at Christ Church Woodbury and will be packed with the vestments being sent on their way January 16th. 

Please express your words of thanksgiving for the Church’s resolve in such difficult times to Raphael and Gladys who will take those sentiments to their family and friends in Awka.