Christ Church Worship Services Suspended Temporarily

Dear People of God:

Late on Friday, March 13th, we received a directive from Bishop William Stoke that “all churches in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey . . . suspend public worship services and all other non-essential public gatherings until further notice.”

View Bishop Stokes entire message

Following this directive in its entirety, there will be no public offering of the Mass at Christ Church until further notice.  Fr. Burgess himself will offer the Mass for the welfare of the living and the repose of the departed this Sunday at 10:00 AM in the presence of Angels and Archangels, and with all the company of heaven (BCP page 334).   Please consider joining him by referencing the service sheet electronically with the collect, readings, prayers and even most of the hymnody.

View our weekly service sheet for March 16, 2020

“Until further notice,” this will include rehearsals, meetings of parish ministries and the 2020 Wednesday Lenten series.  Please know that at the appropriate times, Father will be before the altar interceding on our behalf.

There is no exception to this directive.

Please help us get this message out to those who may not have access to email or our church website.

We will keep you posted.

Kate Baldwin, Senior Warden of the Vestry of Christ Church