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Wardens and Vestry

About Our Vestry

The Vestry of Christ Church is legally responsible for all matters of finance, property and maintenance within the parish, either directly or through the appointment of committee Chairs.

Christ Church’s Vestry comprises the rector, who normally presides at all meetings, and 12 Christ Church parishioners, nine of whom are elected each year by the congregation and serve no more than two consecutive 3-year terms.

Once Wardens are elected by the parish, Vestry elects its Executive Committee immediately following the Annual Parish meeting each January. The Executive Committee includes the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, the Treasurer, and the Clerk (job descriptions below).

Each member of Vestry also serves as Chair of one of the parish’s eight Vestry Commissions. Each Chair is responsible for the oversight for several areas of our parish life, as defined below.


Senior Warden: Jim Bathurst: The Senior Warden assists the Rector in overseeing the mission of the parish.

Junior Warden: Mike Sanchez:The Junior Warden oversees property and maintenance concerns.


Woodbury, NJ Christ Episcopal Church Treasurer Mark Novalsky

Mark Novalsky


Treasurer:  Mark Novalsky

The Treasurer supervises all matters of finance.


Tori Wishnick

Tori Wishnick


Clerk: Tori Wishnick

The Clerk records the minutes of the meetings, maintains correspondence, and attests to Vestry business with application of the corporate seal.


Ren Philipp


Buildings and Grounds Commission: Ren Philipp

The Buildings and Grounds Commission is in charge of the physical plant of the church. Its responsibility is to see that the church buildings and grounds are kept in good repair. Volunteers for the maintenance and upkeep of facilities are an integral part of this Commission.



Hospitality Commission: Kim Henning

Kim Henning


Hospitality Commission: Kim Henning

The Hospitality Commission plans, promotes and oversees the social functions of our parish. This includes receptions, dinners, coffee hours, parish gatherings, and other opportunities for. Both informal and scheduled activities fall under its responsibility.


Tara Mass

Tara Mass


Mission: Tara Mass

The Mission Commission concerns itself with both the seeking out of those who do not know Christ and the sending out of parishioners to carry out various kinds of Christian service in other parts of the Diocese, Province, Nation and the World.


Outreach Commission:

The Outreach Commission is concerned primarily with the work of meeting human needs and alleviating suffering, whether close to home or far away. This commission explores the needs of the surrounding community, seeking ways that the parish can minister to it, both spiritually and materially. The Committee’s activities help increase awareness of and involvement in social concerns at the local, national and global level.


Dan Pleis


Stewardship Commission: Dan Pleis

The Stewardship Commission not only directs the annual stewardship campaign, but also works to educate parishioners about the responsibility of Christian stewardship.

Stewardship Commission: The Stewardship Commission not only directs the annual stewardship campaign, but also works to educate parishioners about the responsibility of Christian stewardship. 








Programs and Activities Commission:

The Programs and Activities Commission schedules, coordinates and promotes opportunities for our parish and those who love our parish to gather and celebrate being the Body of Christ. This includes trips and outings as well as opportunities for fellowship, spiritual growth and discovery.

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