Mission & Outreach

Mission & Outreach

We are pleased to report that as of August  2021, we were able to provide outreach funds for the following ministries:

  • Grace House on The Mountain, Dante, VA
  • Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries – Visit their website HERE
  • Seeds of Hope Ministries in Camden, NJ

Past outreach funds also helped the following ministries:

  • Brotherhood of St. Andrew Yardville Prison Ministry
  • Support of Theological Education
  • Aged Infirmed Clergy within the Diocese of New Jersey
  • Widows and Orphans of Clergy within the Diocese of New Jersey

2021: We are pleased to report that we are planning to return to the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. A group from Christ Church is sent out to take up residence within Grace House on the Mountain located on Sandy Ridge in Wise County, Virginia.    This trip is scheduled for November 2021.

In the past: In cooperation with 10 local church congregations, Christ Church again hosted a Dante community gathering and cook-out where over 2,000 books we have collected were  freely given to encourage literacy in the home.  More than 150 local residents attended. The blog of this mission reach may be found at Christchurchwoodbury.wordpress.com